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Master's In Ethical Hacking

Enrol now for the best ethical hacking course in Pune from a reputed ethical hacking institute – Top Mentor!

Best Ethical Hacking Course in Pune

Join the Top Mentor Ethical Hacking Course in Pune and learn from the best in the industry. Our course is designed to help you learn the skills and techniques needed to become a successful ethical hacker. With our experienced mentors, you will learn everything you need to know about ethical hacking.

Our training course covers all aspects of ethical hacking and is designed to help you become a professional ethical hacker. We offer the most comprehensive and up-to-date course in ethical hacking, taught by industry experts.

Ethical Hacking Certification Course in Pune

Our ethical hacking certification course aims to provide students with a real-world understanding of what it takes to be a professional ethical hacker. We provide hands-on training using a live lab environment. Each lab has its own set of goals, objectives, and deliverables. Practicing exercises and practical sessions help students build their knowledge and confidence level. By the end of this course, you will gain experience in identifying and exploiting vulnerabilities in a wide range of applications and systems and you will be able to solve any kind of ethical hacking problem using various tools and methodologies.

It covers all facets of ethical hacking including penetration testing, web application security, reverse engineering, social engineering, network analysis, wireless attacks, mobile device hacking, and many others. This comprehensive training program will equip you with the knowledge required to perform advanced penetration tests and secure your organization against cyber threats.

Masters in Ethical Hacking

(4 Cyber Security Courses in one)


(Excluding GST, Pay in installments/EMIs)

The six things that happen when you join us

Deepest Syllabus Guarantee

Accept The "Deepest syllabus Challenge" Hence You Can Never Find More Comprehensive Syllabus Than Us!

Learning on the go

Among Top 0.1% Institutes Which Offer Online Backup Of Courses. Even If Technology Changes You Will Always Have A Backup!

Fixing the mindset

Every Career Requires A Different Mindset - So Does Ethical Hacking. Therefore, Get In Shoes Of Hacker With Mindset Training!

Unmatchable Mentors

Ordinary Institutes Have Trainers As Trainers. However, We Have Experienced Ethical Hackers As Mentors - There's A Huge Difference.

Fully Equipped Labs

Get "FREE" Access To Advanced Tools, Modules, Fully Equipped Labs & Computers. Stand Apart From The Competition.

100% Placement Assistance

Get Free Resume Building Done. We Have Tie-ups With Placement Services, HRs & We Try & Find Great suitable Jobs For You.

The rising frequency of cyber-attacks has forced businesses and government agencies to tighten their defences against malicious hackers.

An ethical hacker is a specialist in charge of detecting any illegal access, identifying potential hazards, and developing new procedures to protect firm data.

Expected rise in no. of ethical hackers by end of 2022
15 Lacs+
Average Salary of an Ethical Hacker in India
1 M+
Unfilled Security Jobs Worldwide
Average Salary Hike of an Ethical Hacker

One on One Mentorship

The relationship is exclusively between one mentor and one mentee. An experienced senior mentor takes a junior mentee under their wing, sharing their wisdom, and expertise that help mentee solve doubts, problems faced during the program. This helps mentee progress faster

Award Winning Learning Management System

Learn anytime, anywhere & track your progress.

Leading MNCs and SMEs have preferred ‘Top Mentor’ for their needs of great industry ready professionals.

Listen to what our students say about us.

Best Ethical Hacking Course In Pune Review

I'm sure I have chosen the best place to learn ethical hacking. What about you?

Yash Pokarna

Best Ethical Hacking Training In Pune Review

This is definitely the best platform to learn ethical hacking & make career in this field.

Kirtan Pujari

Best Ethical Hacking Training Institute In Pune Review

If you are looking for great placement service then this is best place to get a dream ethical hacking job!

Harshvardhan B.

Confused while choosing an institute? Just because some are offering Trainers and some are offering Mentors?


There is not much difference between a trainer and a teacher. In the corporate world, a teacher is known as a trainer.

The trainer’s job is not to motivate or make an employee or a student potentially active on a targeted task, the trainer is just to explore their knowledge about a particular subject which they are specialized in. A trainer will not give you the knowledge of what can happen on a practical project/live project because a trainer will find the best way in which you can learn the particular subject or skill or concept.

Like a teacher, a trainer will provide you an environment of a classroom like you got in school and college, where the trainer will stand by in front of you behind a table. So, as we know in the classroom some of us get to understand what the trainer says and some of us not then because of miscommunication between the trainer and you the points get may be skipped.


Mentors provide you personal advice, counsel, and support with their experience of working on a project with practical examples. A mentor has far more information than a trainer because of their working status. A mentor can be more effective than a trainer. A mentor is not a full-time trainer like a trainer does. A mentor does his mentorship in their free time while they do not have other stuff to do.

Mentors stick to a commitment until the job is done. Mentors wait for the mentees to understand and complete the process, they do not rush the process until the mentee is able to complete the process on his/her own. Usually, the mentors and mentee develop their friendship when official relationships are not mandatory. Generally, a mentor is not much aware of the company’s goal and they are more concerned about the mentee’s personal goal.

In our institute, we only have mentors. Who are currently working as a professional in the industry. So, I bet you will never be disappointed during the class. There will be no option that you are not understanding or even incase you don’t understand any point in the class then it doesn’t matter, you can ask the mentor at any time and as soon as possible the mentor will reply to you and will solve your doubt you will have.

We provide ISO certified certificates, where ISO stands for International Standards of Organization. It is a non-governmental organization. The ISO certification can add a boost to your resume for application to a job. Nowadays, ISO is the leading certificate providing organisation which is valid to anywhere in India and no company can deny the ISO certified certification of any candidate. After all this certificate provides a registration number which can be tracked anytime and anywhere when someone wants to track it. So, there is no chance of any kind of fraud. This certification is totally genuine and legal.

Before getting certified with CEH you must be trained for ethical hacking. These days CEH certificates are in demand as the industry and people are going online so there is so much risk of hacking, so companies need millions of ethical hackers in India. Ethical hacking certificate can help you to get 3.5 – 5.5 lakhs as a fresher. Certification may cost upto 35000 to 38000 which is certified by EC-Council but if you get ISO certificate then also it may cost upto 16000 to 18000 but we provide the certificate with proper mentoring with just 12000, which is so less than market value. After these all we just want to say that we provide you all the things like training and once you are certified from us we will provide you the job assistance, after course complition you yourself will feel that this was the best ethical hacking course in pune you have learnt from . When the talk of payment, then don’t worry about that, we accept payment in installment. So, there is no burden of giving the full payment before starting the classes. You can start your class by paying a little amount and the rest of the amount can be paid in installment before ending the class.

We have lab rooms for different courses and different sizes of classrooms for different sizes of batches. In our lab room, we will provide you every accessory you will need to learn and to run the class, like a big screen for projector, a network with free Wi-Fi and other stuff you need in the classroom.

For ethical hacking, we provide all the tools for exploiting a system. During the class we will need two different operating systems simultaneously, so carrying two different devices for running the two different operating systems is not practically possible. So, we use virtualization techniques for running multiple operating systems on one device.

We will teach you the installation of VMware or VirtualBox for virtualization and installing the operating system for hackers, named Kali Linux. We will provide you the latest update and best version of any tool for exploiting a system.

Lab Room | Best Ethical Hacking Course in Pune

Have a look at some prestigious organizations, which are our major hiring partners.

Frequently Asked Questions

While most other institutes are offering ordinary courses by ordinary trainers ‘Top Mentor’ stands out as we offer MENTORSHIP PROGRAMS and not the ethical hacking courses.

Mentorship Program allows you to personally connect with industry expert who understands your dreams, aspirations and problems and mentors you as per your talents and capabilities.

That is the reason we have 100% success rate for 1500+ students till date.Our mentors and our happy students make us best ethical hacking training institute in Pune.

There are no requirements. You don’t need to know coding or any type of technical knowledge. We cover everything from basics to masters level.

‘Top Mentor’ offers flexible batch timings. In addition there are multiple ethical hacking course batches are running simultaneously in Pune. So even if you miss the session you can cover it within entire year by joining other batches. otherwise you will be provided recordings of the missed sessions.

We cover syllabus from all the major global certifications. While other institutes cover only 12 modules we cover 34 plus ethical hacking modules in our cyber security course in pune.

While Other Institutes provide ordinary ethical hacking certification, we provide MASTER IN ETHICAL HACKING which is as good as doing post graduation. Learning ethical hacking is easy but mastering is difficult. If you truly want to master ethical hacking and want to get high paying jobs then this is place for you.

Yes, we provide 100% placement assistance. All of our students have got great paying jobs till date. We also provide guaranteed internship certificates to our students.

The normal fees for ethical hacking training in pune is 18k.But we are offering 30% scholarship to students (this month only) and that is why you can complete your certifications for as low as 12k. 

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We are featured in prestigious media publications.

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Top Mentor sets highest placement standards by placing 550+ students in the last quarter.

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Owing to the phenomenal placement records, TopMentor stands as a promising company in the edtech world.

Let Us Build Your Hacking Career Brighter.

There’s no better time than the present!

No matter what your goal is – to get a job or be great ethical hacker. We will do whatever in our powers to help it occur. Therefore, we are the best institute offering ethical hacking course in Pune due to our exceptional mentor based approach.

Our Ethical Hacking course is online and self-paced so you can learn at your convenience. Enroll today and get started on your path to a career in ethical hacking!


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